Wanka the Caring Elephant

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An enchanting musical tale that teaches children about caring

A charming musical tale for all ages, WANKA, THE CARING ELEPHANT (Caring) ultimately teaches how we all come to rely on each other. It is a well–crafted, enchanting tale, told through the eyes of a kind elephant and other animal characters by a talented group of young actors. Wanka learns that love, cooperating with others and sharing are the keys to harmony in our lives. On the reverse side is an added bonus, “Resting: A Caring Time.” Roxanne Daleo further occupies the listener with words and imagery specifically designed to familiarize children with the sensations and concept of a relaxed body and a peaceful mind. This story teaches the listener a specific pain management technique as well as an effective confidence building skill called mental rehearsaal.

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Name:Wanka the Caring Elephant
CD Price:$10.95
Running Time:17 Minutes each track
Appropriate Ages:Infant to pre-school
Tape ISBN:1-889447-15-3
CD ISBN:1-889447-04-8
Each Additional:1.95

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