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GuestDr. Mark Albanese
TopicUnderstanding Addiction as Self-
BackgroundDr. Mark Albanese is an Assistant Professor and Director of Addictions Treatment Serivces at Cambridge Health Alliance. He specializes in Psychiatry & Neurology and Addiction Psychiatry.
SynopsisWhen does behavior become addictive? How do I know my son or daughter has some kind of
addiction? What are the warning signs? These and other important questions are answered on today’s program. Addiction is a complex process that is influenced by many variables. Brain biology influences the course of addictions. Recently, advances in neurobiology and genetics have helped us get beyond conceptualizing addicted people as morally weak or defective.

Addictions are varied such as alcohol, substance abuse, sexual, food or gambling. Addictions can be considered as self-regulation disorders in which addictive behavior is an attempt to correct or deal with difficulty in regulating emotions, self-esteem, relationships, and self-care.
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