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GuestDr. Rachael Kessler
TopicSoul of Education
BackgroundRachael Kessler presents, facilitates, and conducts professional and curriculum development for educators. She and her colleagues founded PassageWays Institute in Boulder, CO in 2001. Rachael has developed a framework for nurturing the inner life of students and teachers that honors the interests of educators, parents, and policy-makers. She is known as a leader in a new movement for emotional literacy. She has written a groundbreaking book, The Soul of Education: Helping Students find Connection, Compassion, and Character at School, which thousands of schools and teachers have adopted.
Synopsis"How do you find your direction or purpose?" "How do you deal with the tough stuff in life?" " How far
can you be stretched?" These are the provocative questions that the Soul of Education curriculum
helps young minds answer for themselves, which brings a source of power, passion, and higher purpose to their lives.
Audio ClipTo inspire young people to go within to find their peace
that is always there that anger tried to hide, we play the
MW CD “The Way of the Bear: Harmony”!OpenDocument
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