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GuestJoshua Leeds
TopicThe Power of Sound for Healing
BackgroundJoshua Leeds is a music producer, educator, and sound researcher. He is one of few published authorities in the exciting new field of psychoacoustics — the study of the effects of music and sound on the human nervous system. Since 1991, he has published numerous magazine articles and books focusing on the therapeutic applications of music and sound. Joshua conducts seminars internationally for music, healthcare, and education professionals.
SynopsisListen to Joshua Leeds as he explains the power of sound to affect the whole body in focusing and healing. Sound has the power to stimulate, relax, and change behavior patterns. In this interview, you will learn to use music to improve mood and reduce pain.

In summary, we covered the following innovative ideas:

• Sound and music are nutrients for the nervous system

• The auditory mechanism is a mega-portal to the brain

• Sonic tools empower health, learning and productivity.
Audio ClipBach prelude in C Major - 2 samples
Debussy Harp version(highlighting tone, rhythm, pattern identification as ingredients of applied psychoacoustics for health and education)
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