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GuestDr. Roxanne Daleo
TopicUnleash Creativity
BackgroundMindworks for Children was founded by Roxanne E. Daleo PhD, a Health Educator who taught Harvard University Health Services. Trained in relaxation and stress reduction techniques at the Harvard Medical School, her work is based on extensive experience with children and adults, who are chronic and terminally ill at Boston Children’s Center.
SynopsisIt’s important to know the inner character of your child. Even though they may not be able to express it, the deepest yearning of a child is to be seen for who they truly are.

In this program Dr. Roxanne discusses the many ways you can creatively stimulate full self-expression with your child, by being creative with them, having heart-to-heart communications, and creating quality time together.
Audio ClipCD “From A Grain of Sand: I Can Make a Pearl”!OpenDocument
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