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GuestAngela Russell
TopicEntering the Land of Dreams
BackgroundAngela Russell is the author of the original story of the Land of Smaerd (dreams spelled backwards), which she wrote when she was 10 years old. Recently, the book was rewritten in verse by her sister, Andrea von Botefuhr. Born in Hollywood, California, Angela grew up primarily in the Hawaiian Islands where she began developing skills in writing, art, music and filmmaking.  At age 18, she taught guitar, Polynesian dance and Yoga.
SynopsisDr. Roxanne incorporates the sacred art of drawing mandalas for insight, healing and self expression in her discussion with Angela. In addition to delighting the senses, it introduces children to a basic understanding of

• the "unified field" of all possibilities,

• quantum mechanics as a recreational activity (eliminating boredom),

• leveraging and directing emotion (energy-in-motion), and

• the fun and freedom of dreaming beyond limitations.
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