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GuestBryn Barnard
TopicFostering Creativity through Meditation, Dreams, and
the Natural World
BackgroundBryn Barnard, illustrator of Land of Smaerd (dreams spelled backwards), collaborated with authors Angela Russell and Andrea von Botefuhr. In his collaboration some images are direct visual translations of Angela and Andrea’s idea, some entirely his own, some hybrid. Bryn has found a way to revive the ancient technique of glazing to achieve the saturation and luminosity such as the dazzling, technicolor effects of Maxfield Parrish. His undergraduate work was at UC Berkeley, and he trained as an illustrator at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He has been a guest art teacher in many schools from kindergarten to high school. He painted murals for Seattle Children’s Hospital, renowned for both its extraordinary care and its artwork.
SynopsisWith a background in cultural anthropology and art, Bryn Barnard brings a rich depth of cross-cultural
values, symbols, traditions and rites of passage to his artistic self-expression.

In this interview, Bryn speaks about his five years living in Southeast Asia and the attitudes he adopted
for his own. He discussed the technique of dreamwork in the Senoi tribe of Malaysia. Children can
learn how to face their fears and turn falling into flying, symbolically.

In his daily work/practice at the conceptual stage of illustrating, Bryn likes to work in complete silence.
Then he plays music to sustain his focus during the long hours it takes to complete one of these images, typically 30-40 hours. To maintain mind / body balance, he likes to run every day. As he explains, "this is my church, the place I work out my ideas unconsciously. I'm usually in an alpha meditation stage for most of the hour. Problems which I'm wrestling with on a conscious level are often resolved during these periods of suggestible activity surrounded by woods and sounds of the natural world".
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