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GuestLidia Zylowska
TopicUsing Mindfulness Meditation and
Guided imagery in Training Attention
for ADHD
BackgroundLydia Zylowska, M.D., is a psychiatrist specializing in adult ADD/ADHD and mindfulness-based approaches. Over the last several years, Dr. Zylowska has developed and led the investigation of the MAPs for ADHD program. Through her work, Dr. Zylowska promotes better understanding of adult ADHD (its neurobiology, common symptoms, difficulties as well as strengths), and she uses mindfulness and other treatment tools to empower individuals with ADHD.
SynopsisDr. Roxanne asks Lidia to suggest mind-body interventions that improve attention and concentration
for children with ADHD. From her research, Lidia brings understanding about the specific way the
brain functions and she conveys the inner peace that reflects the essence of her Mindfulness Awareness Practice. Together, they assess the challenges and strengths of this condition. Reframing
distractibility becomes the focal point for cultivating mindfulness. Dr. Roxanne highlights practical ways to teach pre-schoolers through the awareness meditation / guided imagery recording “Resting is a Caring Time”.    
Audio Clip“Energy and Me” and “Resting is a Caring Time” on
“Wanka The Caring Elephant” CD Track 2.!OpenDocument
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