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GuestAnne Daleo
TopicTried and True Ways of Cultivating Family Harmony
BackgroundAnne Daleo, married for over 50 years, is the mother of 3 girls who grew up idyllically in a metropolitan area of NY/NJ, and who are now launched into creative endeavors,including performing arts, writing, counseling, and raising children of their own,
SynopsisAnne Daleo reveals her secrets to fostering a harmonious home life and how she built the world she dreamed of, despite her limited origins. She inspired her own children to creatively tap into their inner resources through attending to the unique needs of each member of the family and cultivating her exceptional way of being: artistic, calm, kind, and loving. Dr. Roxanne illuminates this special way of cultivating family harmony with excerpts from “Wanka the Caring Elephant”.    
Audio Clip“Opening Theme” on “Wanka The Caring Elephant”
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