The Way of the Bear

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Helps children cope with angry feelings in a positive way

When bad feelings flair up and anger takes hold, follow the WAY OF THE BEAR (Harmony) and go within to become aware of the value of silence. Guided by Dr. Roxanne Daleo, a health educator and therapist who has worked with hospitalized children for over twelve years, children (9 years and older) will learn helpful techniques for coping with aggression as well as breath awareness exercises to promote calmness. Backing up Dr. Daleo’s guided imagery is the music of Sean Mulcahy, whose background score is serene and natural, enhancing the thought-provoking atmosphere of the album.

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Name:The Way of the Bear
CD Price:$18.95
Running Time:30 Minutes each track
Appropriate Ages:Adolescence
Tape ISBN:1-889447-20-X
CD ISBN:1-889447-07-2
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