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Helps children calm down, concentrate, and redirect hyperactivity

Have you or someone you know ever needed something to help a young child settle down? Well, here it is! ENERGY AND ME (Relaxation) will provide the skills a child needs to simplify their thoughts, while redirecting their hyperactivity. Dr. Roxanne Daleo softly narrates, teaching children with visualization and breathing techniques, how to stop reacting to all the clutter in their lives. This prolific information is the result of Dr. Daleo’s extensive experience with stress management in children and adults. It is a useful tool for harnessing and redirecting a child’s boundless energy in a positive, healthy way.

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Regular Price $24.95
Name:Energy and Me
CD Price:$18.95
Running Time:17 Minutes each track
Appropriate Ages:Early to middle school
Tape ISBN:1-889447-14-5
CD ISBN:1-889447-02-1
Each Additional:1.95

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