The Star Within
(Self Esteem)

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Helps children affirm their strengths and transform their weakness

Any child who faces a major life transition, or who needs to emotionally prepare for the wide range of medically challenging situations (hospitalization, surgery, out-patient treatment) will benefit from THE STAR WITHIN (Self-Esteem). With words and light background music, Dr. Roxanne Daleo, shares her specialty in the areas of stress management, through creative art and play therapy. Designed for children ages 4 and up, the MindWorks for Children tapes work best when heard on an individual recorder or shared in a small group. This is a powerful way to affirm a child’s strengths and work on their weaknesses.

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Name:The Star Within
(Self Esteem)
CD Price:$18.95
Running Time:17 Minutes
Appropriate Ages:Early to middle school
Tape ISBN:1-889447-12-9
CD ISBN:1-889447-00-5
Each Additional:1.95

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