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All audio programs are designed for adult enjoyment and effectiveness
while fostering quality time with your child. The following is an
approximate guide to help you in selecting a tape for your child:

Age Years of AgeAudio Title / Topic
Pre-school - Infant – 5 YearsWanka, The Caring Elephant (Caring)
Magic Seed (Courage)

Early School -
Middle School -
6 – 8 Years

9 – 12 Years
The Star Within (Self Esteem)
The Healing Heart (Comfort)
Energy and Me (Relaxation)
Good Night (Sleep Well)
MindWorks for Children Series (4 set) From a Grain of Sand (Happiness)

Adolescence to Adult -13 – and UpThe Way of the Bear (Harmony)
The Way of the Leaf (Acceptance)

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