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Welcome to MindWorks for Children, a special resource for parents, children, teachers and caregivers. MindWorks for Children was founded by Harvard Health Educator, Roxanne Daleo, Ph.D., to help children and families better cope with normal social and academic pressures children face in school, tests and sports competition, as well as, experiences like nightmares, sickness, hospitalizations, family changes or loss.

Stress affects children and adults as part of everyday life. It affects our health, our mood, and our general sense of confidence and well-being to greet each day. At times there are special situations which require extra coping skills in the hospital, classrooms and at home.

Effective in Hospitals, Classrooms and Homes

MindWorks for Children has been used successfully by health care professionals, teachers and parents in hospitals, schools and homes.

In the clinic: MindWorks for Children can be used before or after a specific medical or surgical procedure. Beforehand, the tapes can be used to help calm an apprehensive child with hands-on skills. Afterwards they teach ways to reduce body tension. Siblings of the hospitalized can also benefit from these tapes.

In the class: MindWorks for Children is a unique study recess that clears the mind and improves concentration so children can relax and learn. MindWorks for Children taps right brain function of creativity and problem solving.

In the home: MindWorks for Children fosters quiet, quality time with your child so you can listen together to the relaxing recordings or establish ways for your child to self-soothe.

At MindWorks for Children, we help parents and professionals reduce worries and fears in children by teaching children how to strengthen their own ability to handle life’s challenges — in school, play, and relationships.

Sometimes children need the help of a professional to guide them. MindWorks for Children provides guided relaxation and meditation training designed to combine stress reduction techniques and effective coping strategies with home practice audio programs which help children help themselves feel better, reduce pain and calm down. As a therapist and teacher, Dr. Roxanne specializes in stress management through creative arts and play therapies. Her training is cutting edge in the field of mind/body science. She also uses bio-feedback training in her individual sessions which provide children ways to learn to calm their bodies and fears improve concentration, develop greater confidence, and creative approaches to problem solving.

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