Dr. Roxanne Daleo over 15 years of experience helping children help themselves with stress-related disorders, such as, anxiety, fear, depression, pain, sleep disturbances and behavior disorders.

A pioneer in her field of Behavioral Medicine, Dr. Roxanne advocates non-drug alternative treatments, which include stress management, biofeedback training and cognitive/behavioral therapy. As a solution to childhood stress disorders, Dr. Roxanne has created the MindWorks for Children series of audio relaxation programs.

SOME BENEFITS of these health promotion programs are:
  • To increase relaxation and calm
  • To improve self-confidence
  • To increase focus and concentration
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“A breakthrough in mind/body education...These delightful, comforting and powerful tapes/CD’s should find a place in every home, school and clincal setting where bringing forth the wholenessof the child is a conscious concern.”

JOAN BORYSENKO, Ph.D, Author-Minding the Body,Mending The Mind

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